We have all heard about the new statistics coming up for the 2016 digital market and the rise of the digital economy. ‘Perfect,’ and we think this is the new start to our great career. No, there is one thing every digital marketer is worried about, skills. Yes, the skills we need to excel in digital marketing are the main concern.

So let’s talk about this.

After speaking to leading digital marketing bloggers and doing some research, we could unveil some important tactics which need to be used to build up a good strategy to enter into a digital marketing career.

Email Elaboration

Though reports mention the niche targeting and bounce rates for emails, it feels the power of email is being underestimated. After all the social interaction and different ways of contacting clients, email still proves to be the most secure and personalized way of committing to your clients.

Search Engine Marketing

Let’s divide this into two strategies:-

Optimize your content and website for organic search. This will help you to build more relevant traffic. Customer interaction on the website is longer and will help get long-term customers. Though social media and paid search have their benefits, they can also come up with more bounce rates and fewer pages visited. Organic search helps you build more traffic throughout the website, not just for the particular article.

Another strategy is paying for clicks using Google Ads.

Building traffic and ranking on the search engines is not something you can fix in a day, so keep your focus and use your tactics to get there. An online digital marketing training course can help in understanding it better.

Tools and Technology

In the past marketer’s role was to deal with the managing of the advertising agencies and just get hold of the data, but it seems with the change in time this has Marketer need to find out about technology a bit more and the best way to start is developed into much more researched analysis from the free tools provided to understand the traffic more. Facebook insights, Twitter analytics, Google Analytics, Canva, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Google keyword planners are some of the tools. These free tools help you to understand the behavior trends in different countries and help you to make an update on most of the social media in one go. Many tools also provide the option of planning and managing your spending and workflow for managing the traffic.

Content Conquer

Content is the key to every marketing strategy. Images, blogs, and free eBooks are all forms of good content. Content not only helps to get a good ranking on search engines. The benefits of content marketing are from increased engagement to improved SEO with its unique quality and engaging the real targeted audience. So just write original and don’t worry about your sales.

Mobile Madness

Mobile responsive is the new magical word when it comes to digital marketing. Not having a mobile responsive website is a big No-No in the digital world. Marketers must engage their customers with mobile-ready websites and apps to explore the business more.

Visual Viral

A visual impression is a mastering tool. Well-written text is a must for a good website, but having visuals added gets the benefit of creating an increase in impressions. Making these visuals viral is another important task. Regular sharing of images also increases engagement with the customers. Blog posts are worth the brand awareness of the company.

Social Media Significance

Social media marketing is a good way of engaging with your customers directly, but there are many social media platforms. Which one would you go for? The strategy you need to build here is focusing on your potential clients and choosing the right social platform. Many tools should be further used to make the connection more effective and reach the goal. The final and most important is the content, which potentially needs to be creative and designed.

Design and Develop

Let’s understand what the customer is looking for. The developer of a particular website or an app needs to be sure of what their target customer behavior is. User experience plays a vital role in getting business to the firm. This can be precisely done by user experience surveys and analyzing data.

Digital marketing has always been challenging for marketers, but different strategies and tactics with setting your mind on your user are all you need.