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URLs Extract Links is happy to introduce to the new tool LINK EXTRACTOR TOOL, where you can enter your website and click on the SUBMIT button to extract all internal and external links in your website. You can also COPY all URLs/ Links in one click by clicking on the Copy URL Links button.

Enter Your Website URL To Extract Website Links Here:

About URL Extractor Tool

Our tool works fast and easily to extract or scrape all website links of your website in one click. It is a good webmaster SEO tool to find the number of external and internal pages of your website. You can easily start by entering a valid URL into the text field and click the Submit button. The system will extract all the unique AHREF links available on your website, blog or any URL. There is no limit of URLs you can check as this one is a free tool and one can use it as many times as one wants.

How to use the URL Extractor Tool?

  1. Simply type or paste(ctrl+v) your website URL in the form given on the web page.
  2. Hit the “Submit” button in order to let the system find your web page links.
  3. All links of your website displayed in the output text area, you can copy all URLs in one go by hitting the “Copy URL Links” button.

Who can use this External/ Internal Link Extraction tool

Let’s take a look at users who can use this URL extractor tool:

SEO Professionals:

The SEO manager, executives who are into on page SEO optimization can use this tool to review each external and internal; link in a website for a complete SEO audit.

Digital Marketing Experts:

If you are into digital marketing and working closely with the social media field then you can use this tool to extract all the social media links associated with a website and which are not available on the website directly.

Benefits of Using Link Extractor Tool

  1. Our link extractor tool is a 100% free domain tool, where you can check unlimited web pages URLs without any signup hassle.
  2. This Online link extractor tool required no installation or setup to run just visit our website and browse the URL extractor page to get access.
  3. Link building professionals or Digital marketing experts can use this tool to get a list of all pages of their website so that they can easily link them while creating backlinks for their website. One can also use this tool to check whether all pages of their website working fine or not.

What Software/Hardware/ Web browser this tool supports

  1. Submitshop domain extractor tool works on all updated edition of operating systems like Windows, Linux & IOS operating systems.
  2. You can use this tool in any of the system web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  3. Our tool is tested on all the above-mentioned platforms you will not face any kind of speed or wrong results issue.