List of Acronyms and Abbreviations used in SEO Industry

This is the list of search engine optimization (SEO) Industry related acronyms abbreviations and Initialisms including glossary terms, definitions, and slang.

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List of Acronyms and Abbreviations used in SEO Industry

SEO abbreviations are the short form terms, words, phrase used in search engine optimization (SEO) industry. SEO acronyms are commonly used by the people working in this industry and also by the searchers. SEO acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms terms, definitions, slang terms and jargon may not be new for the people working in search marketing industry but it can be of good use for students, training or new entrants in search engine optimization industry. This list will give better understanding of various short terms used in SEO to new users.

We have compiled a complete list of acronyms abbreviations and initialisms used by search engine optimization ( SEO) experts, specialist and normal everyday users. We have used boldface for most commonly used terms. This is the place to find SEO abbreviations which you do not know what they mean. However this list still in Beta and in next version we will like to add link to appropriate definition of the term. If you find any new abbreviations please let us know at


ALT  Alternative Text Attribute
AMP  Accelerated Mobile Pages
API  Application Program Interface
AS   Article Submission


B2B  Business to Business
B2C  Business to Consumer
BERT Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers
BTDT Gradient Boosted Decision Trees


CDN  Content Delivery Network
CGI  Common Gateway Interface
CLS  Cumulative Layout Shift
CMS  Content Management System
COA  Cost of Acquisition
CPA  Cost Per Acquisition
CPA  Cost Per Action
CPC  Cost Per Click
CPL  Cost Per Lead
CPM  Cost Per Thousands
CPO  Cost Per Order
CPV  Cost Per View
CRO  Conversion Rate Optimization
CSE  Comparison Shopping Engine/Custom Search Engine
CSS  Cascading Style Sheets
CTA  Call to Action
CTA  Content Targeted Advertising
CTR  Click Through Rate
CVN  Card Verification Number
CWV  Core Web Vitals


DASALC Data Augmented Self-Attentive Latent Cross
DC     Data Center
DFO    Data Feed Optimization
DKI    Dynamic Keyword Insertion
DLP    Directory Listings Page
DLR    Deep Link Ratio
DMCA   Digital Millennium Copyright Act
DMM    Digital Media Marketing
DMOZ   Directory – Mozilla
DNS    Domain Name Server
DOM    The Document Object Model
DR     Domain Rating
DRPs   Directory Results Pages
DS     Directory Submission
DSRP   Directory Search Results Page


EAT    Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness
E-A-T  Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness
ECPC   Enhanced Cost Per Click
ECPC   Enhanced CPC
EMD    Exact Match Domain


FCP  Frequently Cached Page
FCP  First Contentful Paint
FFA  Free For All Pages
FID  First Input Delay


G+   Google Plus
GAM  Generalized Additive Models
GAP  Google Advertising Professional
GAS  Guaranteed Article Submission
GDS  Guaranteed Directory Submission
GEC  Grammatical Error Correction
GIS  Google Image Search
GIY  Google It Yourself
GMB  Google My Business
GP   Guest Post
GBP  Google Business Profile
GSC  Google Search Console
GTM  Google Tag Manager
GWT  Google Webmaster Tools
GYM  Google Yahoo MSN
GMP  Google Marketing Platform
GOB  Google Open Bidding

HCM   Helpful Content Metric
HOO   Helping Our Own
HTML  Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP  HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
HCU   Helpful Content Update


IBL  In Bound Links
IDF  Inverse Document Frequency
ILDs In Linking Domains 
IM   Internet Marketing
IoT  Internet of Things
IP   Internet Protocol
ISP  Internet Service Providers
IYP  Internet Yellow Pages
INP  interactivity to next page


JGI      Just Google It
JSON-LD  JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data


KDA  Keyword Density Analyzer
KEI  Keyword Effectiveness Index
KPI  Key Performance Indicator
KYD  Know Your Data


LB    Link Building
LCP   Largest Contentful Paint
LPO   Landing Page Optimization
LSA   Latent Semantic Analysis
LSEO  Local Search Engine Optimization
LSI   Latent Semantic Indexing
LTR   Learning To Rank
LLMs  Large Language Models
LIMoE Learning Multiple Modalities with One Sparse Mixture-of-Experts Model

MCP  Moderately Cached Page
MFA  Made For Advertising
ML   Machine Learning
MLM  Masked LM
MTO  Meta Tags Optimization
MUM    Multitask Unified Model


NAP   Name Address Phone Number
NE     Niche Edit
NLP   Natural Language Processing
NLPA  Natural Language Processing Algorithms
NSEO  Negative SEO
NSP   Next Sentence Prediction


OBL   OutBound Link
ODP   Open Directory Project
ORM   Online Reputation Management
OSE   Open Site Explorer
OWBL  One Way Back Link


P4P   Paid For Placement
PDF   Portable Document Format
PFI   Pay For Inclusion
PFL   Paid For Listings
PFP   Pay for Performance
PHP   PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PLD   Pay-Level Domains
PMD   Partial Match Domain
PPC   Pay Per Click
PPP   Pay Per Post
PPR   Pay Per Rank
PPV   Pay Per Visitor
PR    Page Rank


QEC  Quantum Repetition Codes


RD    Referral Domain
RI    Regular Index
ROI   Return on Investment
RSS   Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary
RTB   Real Time Bidding
RTL   Regional Long Tail


Saas   Software As A Service
SB     Social Bookmarking
SE     Search Engine
SEM    Search Engine Marketing
SEMPO  Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization
SEO    Search Engine Optimization
SEOs   Search Engine Optimization Performance
SEOs   Search Engine Optimizers
SEP    Search Engine Poisoning
SEP    Search Engine Positioning
SER    Search Engine Ranking
SERM   Search Engine Results Management
SERP   Search Engine Results Page
SERPs  Search Engine Results Pages
SES    Search Engine Strategies
SEW    Search Engine Watch
SI     Supplemental Index
SMB    Small and Medium Businesses
SMEs   Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises
SMM    Social Media Marketing
SMO    Social Media Optimization
SMX    Search Marketing Expo
SNS    Social Networking Service
SRM    Search Reputation Management
SSI    Server Side Includes
SSL    Secure Sockets Layer
STW    Search The Web
SWL    SiteWide Link


TBPR    Toolbar PageRank
TFR     TensorFlow-Ranking
TLA     Text Link Ads
TLP     Top Level Page
TR      Trust Rank
TSETSB  The Search Engine That Spam Built
TTFB    Time To First Byte


UGC   User Generated Content
URL   Uniform Resource Locator
UX    User Experience


VIPS  Visual-block Page Segmentation
VS    Video Submission


W&I   Write & Improve
W3C   World Wide Web Consortium
WMW   Webmaster World


XHTML  Extensible HyperText Markup Language
XML    Extensible Markup Language

Y!    Yahoo!
Y2K   Year Two Thousand
YMYL  Your Money Or Your Life Pages


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