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    Our PPC Experts will closely look after your paid search campaign strategy where you can find your most potential customers. We are known for our more than 15 years of experience in paid search. Our expert PPC strategist will work and put efforts to get most of your PPC budget.

    Paid Search Solutions

    Submitshop offers Pay Per Click services with good conversion rate and lower cost per click.

    • Bing, Yahoo, and Google Adwords PPC
    • Pay Per Click Management
    • PPC Lead Generation
    • PPC Landing Pages
    • Social Media PPC
    • Google Shopping Advertisments
    • PPC Remarketing
    • PPC Website optimization
    • PPC Audits

    The Best Solutions for Your Business

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    Keyword Research

    Our Research Team will find proper keywords for your web site after making indepth analysis of your site so that you’ll not miss out on those priceless “bargain” keywords. We create and/or maintain your listing titles and descriptions as they help in attracting the customer to click on your url.

    Account Establishment

    We will quickly and efficiently establish an account for you as setting up an account is a notorious and painfull procedure. By having a professional firm handle this process, you’ll get the keywords you want in a timely fashion and without any hassle like a magic.

    Keyword Management

    Under keyword management we do the following needful. We monitor your keywords 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We maintain specific positions for your keywords (top spot, top three, top ten…). We help you expand your targeted keywords.

    Bid Management

    The services of bid management include the following services. Constant monitoring of your bids and eliminate bid gaps. Constant monitoring of your bids and eliminate new Auto Bid gaps. Set maximum bid parameters to keep bids within your budget.

    The Best Solutions for Your Business

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    Frequently Asked Questions on PPC

    PPC Services To Help Grow Your Business At Faster Run


    Google AdWords is one of the division of Google, and leader in sponsored search placements. This allows advertisers to create their own ads, determine their own keywords and publish them on Google as well as its other sites for quick promotion.

    Yes, we can manage any type of PPC accounts like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft adCenter. If you have any questions, Click on the live chat link to talk to one of our representatives live or to leave them a message and they will respond to your questions or inquiries. Our Pay per Click management services significantly improves your return-on-investment from Overture, Google and other PPC engines by reducing costs, increasing traffic, and saving your precious hours of management time.

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