Let’s Pitch Correct!

While pitching a blogger ( also known as blogger outreach )make sure you don’t harass them. The first and the most important step is to make your communication more personalized. Use blogger’s name while addressing the mail, don’t make them feel they are just part of automated emails sent by your system. This will create a good impact on the blogger. One can try by reading the complete speech before, if it does sound honest and genuine, it is more likely to be the same for the blogger.

Honesty and transparency in your work get you more successful results. There is no point in lying from a blogger while getting free guest posts. An honest approach will end up with good results. Let them know if you are another website owner or work for an agency. Always consider this step as a base for making a good long lasting relationship rather than just getting a post featured. Always try to be polite and keep it simple. A simple and short subject line will help the blogger to understand what exactly you looking for. Keep it polite and personal. A blogger can get turned away easily if you make it more commercial and don’t respect the blogger by judging the size of the blog.

Tips for Blogger Pitch

Tips for Blogger Pitch

Mutual satisfaction is a must while pitching a blogger. Always remember that even bloggers want good content or something in return so make sure whenever you pitch it should be beneficial for both. This can be well supported by some social media proof.

No work pressure is what every blogger would require. Influential Bloggers don’t like doing extra work for you, so while pitching makes sure you provide them with everything they require along with the relevant links. Influencer outreach services if done while keeping the above points will not only reduce the work effort but will also deliver some good value.