Google, released a new local search algorithm aiming to provide relevant and accurate search local results, these results can be noticed in Map search as well as Google web search.

However Google has not named this update with any official names and it may be announced at a later stage, but SEL named it as “Pigeon”. Local search now will include knowledge graph, spelling corrections, and other search features which were standard features in Google Web Search. In Addition to this, as per Google, improvements are made about how Google will retrieve results based on distance and locations.

The new algorithm is rolled out now only for US English results. Some local businesses noted an increase in search results, leads, and queries while some have decreased. You can see the difference if get your website’s local citations.

There are major changes in Google 7 Pack results for terms like Real Estate, Lawyers, etc. Google 7 Pack is termed for those search results which display 7 local search results with map in Google for local search terms. Real estate and Lawyers niche both faced a significant decrease in 7 Pack results while the SEO market and SEO’s got visibility in this.

Google 7 Pack Map Results (Google offer 1, 3 and 7 results packs)
These results are missing from Real Estate Terms

We will find out more in the coming days when Google will roll out changes in other countries as well as how much % of queries are impacted by these changes.