Today, Matt Cutts released a new video explaining what points you need to take care of before buying a domain. Matt answered a question regarding buying a domain in relation to the domain’s past history. Sometimes people end up buying domains that are previously destroyed by spammers using bad techniques.

So how can you research if a domain is good or bad before buying, here are some tips?

  • Site Command: This command is very popular among the SEO community when checking all indexed pages in Google, Matt said that if site: domain. dom does not return any pages, you need to check carefully in case buying existing domains from any other person. However, this check is not for new domains or parked domains as they will not have any content pages.
  • Search Domain Brand or Domain Name: Searching domain names without extensions can provide you with good results about the reputation of domains. If someone has written bad stories about the domain or is mentioned as a spammer or banned, you should avoid such domains.
  • Webmaster Tools: If you are buying domains from others, you can also ask for WMT verification for any penalty messages or other messages regarding the domain name before buying.
  • Domain Name History In Archive.Org: You can also check domain history in Web Archives, If you think that pages look spammy, you can consider avoiding the domain name.
  • You can also ask to check with Google Analytics to find all about previous traffic and links

Matt said that if you are buying a domains name that is having an issue and still you want to buy that domain name, you may submit a reconsider request in Webmaster Tools by disavowing links.