Views counts has been standard feature in most social media sites like we have seen twitter showing view counts for tweets, now Google+ added interesting feature “View Counts” which shows with your profile, this is calculated as total views counts of profile, posts, videos and pictures.

These view counts can be seen under your profile name and location. For many these stats can be interesting and valuable as how much their profile content are being seen or visited by the others.

However if you do not want this feature to be seen by others, you can turn this off in your Google+ profile settings.

Views are helpful to determine overall efforts you are placing in Google+ social media; you may be probably trying to build audience with videos, posts and contents. So view counts can help to show how much success you have been getting with your efforts.

Yonatan Zunger, Chief Architect at Google+, also clarified that if you will try to game or spam the system, they will catch you and you will not be able to game the view counts.

Overall view counts is interesting feature in addition to another Google+ features.