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Social Media

Google+ Added View Counts As A Feature For Personal Profiles

by Mohnesh Kohli • April 2, 2014

Views counts have been a standard feature in most social media sites like we have seen Twitter showing view counts for tweets, now Google+ added an interesting feature “View Counts” which shows with your profile, this is calculated as total views counts of the profile, posts, videos, and pictures.

Matt Says Twitter OR Facebook Social Signals Are Not Part Of Ranking Algorithm

by Mohnesh Kohli • January 24, 2014

Matt Cutts, today published a video explaining why Google does not care about Facebook OR Twitter Social Signal in his ranking algorithm, in other words, Google does not pay any attention to social signals, like the amount of Twitter followers or likes on Facebook. The question asked was like

Google introduced Google+ Communities

by Mohnesh Kohli • December 9, 2012

Google adds Google+ Communities, same as those of Facebook groups, but more than those to provide an engaging place for its users. From past communities like BBS, Discussion forums have been the standards for webmasters or end-users to discuss, participate and solve the problems.

Pinterest Secret Boards Launched

by Mohnesh Kohli • November 10, 2012

Pinterest has launched a test version of 3 secret boards for its Pinterest users. These secret boards allow you to keep things to yourself. maybe plan a surprise for your loved ones, gifts for your special people, work on a project which you do not want to share with everyone. It means you get to […]

Google+ Pages for Businesses, Brands and Places etc

by Aprajita Kohli • November 8, 2011

We have seen that Google banned Plus One Profile accounts that were using business names or Brand names and only real names were allowed in Plus One profiles. Now we see why Google was doing that. In actuality, Google was planning Business pages for users same as Facebook pages which can be used for anything.

How Google determine if its Brand Name or Not

by Kevin • November 7, 2011

We have seen that after recent Google Algorithm updates like Panda updates and Vince updates, Google is giving more importance to Brand Names, for example, when we type in Google “handbags” it is showing more results where you can see various brand names related to Jackets. Here at Submitshop Blog, We will try to find […]