Matt today, answered a question about links from relevant content in article directories, being in SEO, I will say it is a rare question if someone asks link building from Article Directories, as a long time ago these methods were declared as spammy and unnatural.

Though in 2004, articles directories were the favorite methods to game Google for getting links and gaining search engine rankings, rather I will say it was working till the invention of Panda and Penguin algorithms, but not anymore now in these days.

Google’s version of article directory links as explained by Matt is having 300-500 words of content, spammed with 2 or 3 rich keyword anchor text links in bio, and published on one or more articles directories. Now, this is clearly against the Google quality guidelines having links from such directories with the same contents being duplicated.

As per Matt, contents in such directories are of low quality and Google does not give much value to these types of links.

Google link schemes quality guidelines already say “Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links” is an unnatural method.

In Submit Shop opinion organic article directories that publish articles after compiling with their editorial guidelines or guest blog post which are in compliance with google link schema are good.