Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, today confirmed launch of Penguin 2.1, an algorithm from Google to reward high quality websites by eliminating low quality sites from Google index in keyword rankings.

Matt Cutts, shared a tweet on twitter writing that this new update will only have affect ~1% of searches

Here are SubmitShop, Our team tried to find out more details about the update, while impacting around 1% of queries, is considered un-noticeable, but in actual this is very much noticeable in Search Results as being discussed and reported by website owners whose sites got impacted badly, As seen in previous updates, actual impact takes some days to notice, and from our past experience, this impact goes weak day by day to become stable results, so waiting for final outcome is always advised to see actual Penguin 2.1 damage on websites.

In previous posts, we have discussed researched fact sheet about “Penguin 2.0” update, the key factor have been bad links for Penguin Algorithm. Recovery from penguin is based on how much you have cleaned your low quality links and created high quality authority organic back links.