We know that in past Google have been asking users to report spam or malicious sites, its first time that Matt Cutts called for users to report good websites for better ranking. In a tweet today, Matt Cutts wrote:

Infect Google wants feedback from users about small sites which they think should be doing better in SERP’s, One thing is clear that Google wants to enhance his search engine results, till now we have seen only old websites ranking higher in the results, small sites take time to appear high in results. That’s the reason Google called for users to report such small high quality websites so that Google can analyse those sites and adjust its algorithm accordingly. If that’s really true, than it honest attempt from Google to level the playing fields equal for old and new sites, till now old sites have been in monopoly for sustainable long term results.

While reporting such sites, you can also provide your point of view explaining why these sites should rank higher than existing websites. If in coming time, you see small high quality sites appearing in search results, it will surely stronger Google’s claim of creating high quality sites weighting on quality contents and GUI interface for better SERPs. Google have been advising webmasters to create quality sites which add value to end users.

Have you come across such sites while surfing, which you really think adds value to users and should be ranking higher on your searched terms, Here is Feedback form to report High Quality small sites.