Today at SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts said that Google will include examples of Bad Links in emails sent to webmasters for penalty or unnatural links, its great news for webmaster community.

Answering Danny Sullivan in “Q&A with Matt Cutts” session at SMX Advanced, Matt said that Google is testing the inclusion of sample URLs in notification emails. These may be up to 3 URL’s to show what’s wrong with those links. Google sends 1000’s of messages to webmasters, and these also have large portion of penalty messages, one thing is sure that it will be more easy to identify bad links with help of those examples.

In past we have seen cases of Mozila and BBC, where Google sent unnatural messages to these two big and reputed companies without outlining any specific URL’s, This created a lot of buzz in webmaster community, and Matt Cutts have to appear personally in Google Help Forums to solve the problems. If you will see that issue was small but message sent was not clear, the problem was on one or two pages related to user generated contents.

It may be the results of such cases that Google decided to be particular in giving hints or indications by including some examples URL’s and save time of webmasters.  Overall this is good step taken by Matt and his team to be more clear while sending these messages to avoid any hassles or issues caused from these. Now webmasters will be more specific about where to see and what to see. Its also more important in age of Penguin 2.0 algorithm where page level is being targeted by Google.

How it will help you? Have you been editing bad links recently and making outreach to webmasters for removal of links? Than you know how important this is when you know the kind of links creating problems for you.