Google penguin update has given a boost to content and simultaneously there is a tremendous increase in guest blog posting services. SEO industry considers guest blog posts as safe and Matt Cutts Google spam team head also recommended guest blog posting if it is for sharing content not just for taking links.

The question which is raised from time to time by the guest bloggers and blog publishers should be the minimum words in the guest blog which will be considered as organic content by the search engines. or What minimum words articles will get more acceptance from guest blog publishers. The debate is resolved by John Mueller Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google Switzerland. According to John Mueller more important is quality, usefulness, uniqueness, and originality of contents. He supports by example that a tweet of 140 words on Twitter is considered as good.

Googlebot doesn’t just count words on a page or in an article, even short articles can be very useful & compelling to users – Make sure that your content is really unique (not just rewritten, auto generated, etc) and of high-quality. Google Webmaster Help

Megri outreach wrote this post to draw the attention of Guest blog publishers or blog owners who demand a minimum of 800 words of a blog post. If the contents are good words will work.