This is actually a very hard question to answer what is the best possible way to write a guest post on blogs. What will appeal to people? What will hold their interest? What would they like to spend their time reading on the blog? So many questions and do we have a simple answer for that. The answer is a big NO.

Everyone has their own unique way of writing stuff and telling their part of story, experience, or thoughts. Each blogger has his or her own unique style. So what will be different between a normal person writing for blogs and between a professional writer? I think the main essence will be the level of thought and emotion between the two. This fact that I am not a professional writer but I today was sitting and thought that what type of blog posts will have minimum refusal rates and maximum publications by blog owners. Now what I am writing is from my thoughts, vision, experience and what I as a reader would like to read and I am not writing as a profession to whom some amount has been promised for writing and he or she has taken down the points in rough areas and starts writing within the word length assigned to him.

So keeping in view the difference between a professional and a normal one. While writer I will try and put down the facts which I as a reader will like to read in any blog post on the internet and on my topics of interest.

  • The person writing the blog should, first of all, identify the blog in which he wants to do the guest postings as then according to the relevancy of the blog the blogger can choose the theme of the content
  • The title of the blog post should be comprehensive and catchy. It should make an impression on the mind of the reader at first sight itself so that it bounds the blog owner to accept the blog post.
  • One should write not too small nor too big blog posts as a small one does not cover all areas and a very big post loses the interest of the reader. So it is very important that the blogger should write to the point in his blog post and not rattle on unnecessary if we want our guest postings on blogs to be accepted maximum times.
  • Choose a topic which will have a universal acceptance and charm and write in simple language and not a very complicated one until it is a technical theme as people tend to understand and like to read simple and efficient writing rather than holding a dictionary in one hand to find the meanings of words used in the blogging.
  • Make sure to write the content in an interesting and intriguing manner so that it binds the reader to it and makes the blog owner approve the guest blog post immediately
  • Do not copy-paste your old blog post or do not write copied or bad content. The blog owner will not appreciate that and in the future also no blog post will be approved by him. Make sure to write unique, and up to the standard of the blog. If required contact the blog owner and take his advice that what sort of guest post content would be like to have, I am sure he will appreciate the gesture.

If you want to take a link or two in the blog post make sure you take it in a subtle manner and in an intrinsic manner with the flow of the content. Never take a link in a way where it looks like the post has been written for the link and not for the blog.

These are some of my own personal views on how one should write for guest blog postings and I think if we write the blog posts keeping these criteria in mind we will have minimum refusal for our guest postings. Rest if anyone has anything more to add you are always welcome!. Want to know more about guest posting visit megri outreach