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Know About Latest Moz Update of February 2018

Know About Latest Moz Update of February 2018

by Mohnesh Kohli • February 17, 2018

Technology is moving fast and making updates as fast as a web link. To be on top of the SEO, we should be updated with the changes and technological advancements. Google algorithm plays a major role in the SEO business as it helps in enhancing SEO rankings. Google makes changes in its algorithm every year, […]

The Ultimate List of 1500 + Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

by Mohnesh Kohli • April 15, 2017

This list of blogs that accept guest blog posts is prepared by pouring blogging outreach teams who are constantly in touch with bloggers manually. We have to build a relationship and trust with bloggers to provide quality blog posts to customers, agencies, and partners. The list of 1500 + blogs that accept blog posts is […]

How To Pitch Influential Bloggers Effectively

by Aprajita Kohli • October 31, 2015

Let’s Pitch Correct! While pitching a blogger ( also known as blogger outreach )make sure you don’t harass them. The first and the most important step is to make your communication more personalized. Use blogger’s name while addressing the mail, don’t make them feel they are just part of automated emails sent by your system. This […]

Google Penalized PostJoint another Guest Blogging Network

by Mohnesh Kohli • April 19, 2014

Google again, today penalized another guest blog network known as “PostJoint”, PostJoint claimed in a series of blogs posts explaining how it is different from MBG network and does not leave any footprints for the Google team to be detected. Matt Cutts confirmed the penalization on Twitter

Matt Cutts Talks About How To Avoid Penalties From Blog Comments

by Mohnesh Kohli • November 15, 2013

Matt Cutts in his recent video, explained how to avoid penalties caused by blog comments, the question was about building relevant blog comments from themed blogs, do they still cause penalties or against webmaster guidelines, if built from relevant or topical blogs.

Guest Blogging Should Be Done In Moderation – Says Matt Cutts

by Mohnesh Kohli • October 17, 2013

Matt Cutts, answering a question “How can I guest blog without it appearing as if I paid for links”, today published a video explaining what real or organic blogging is.