As we all know many websites are being affected due to the Penguin algorithm, Google is sending messages to webmasters for removing low quality links, or in some cases also noted that keyword rankings and traffic went down without any warning message in webmaster tools.

As Google also clarified that Penguin is not penalty, rather it’s an algorithm refresh that will happen after a certain time. So you can do the following before the next penguin refresh:

  • Remove low quality links (Google may have already discounted those links)
  • Build high quality natural organic links (Increase quality links ratio)

So you should put your focus on building good quality links rather than trying to fix all of your crappy ones. Eventually, you’ll have a higher ratio, and you’ll get rewarded for having authority links.

Google doesn’t always penalize you for bad links, they sometimes and very often, will ignore links completely (Discounted) that they find to be against their guidelines. Not all links that may look bad or even be really bad actually harm your site. Google does in fact completely ignore links (Do not pass link value to your site).

So traffic drop in webmaster tools may be due to the fact that:

  • Google may have discounted low quality links
  • Google may have ignored the value of sitewide or paid links

So what should you do to have more quality links which look natural but still form high authority websites, Here comes the high authority profiles for link building which can not be bought, it can only be gained by working on these sites daily or weekly.

What is high authority profile link building?

Its means links from authority and popular websites having Domain Authority of 80+, some of the examples are like

  • Twitter
  • Slideshare
  • Foursquare
  • Pinterest
  • Quora.comp
  • Vimeo

How these will benefit my Web Site?

Having a profile or Brand name on these high authority websites will help to build trust, authority, and reputation of your website in Google’s eyes. Due to the fact that all of these have Domain Authority of 80+ (As per https://www.OpenSiteExplorer.Com) and they will pass a good amount of authority to your website, but having an only profile will not work, these websites require activities to be done to get the profile visible. These can help you by following

  • Helps to increase the number of authority links in your backlink profile
  • Having more quality links will increase the ratio of low-quality links, and will help to clear Penguin related factors
  • Helps to build brand name and trust in Google Eyes

Who needs these Profile Links?

These services are beneficial for both, it does not matter if you were affected by Penguin or Not (because it may be that incoming refresh Google may catch your website)

  • The major benefit is from the Google Penguin algorithm, If your website was caught by Penguin, you can feed penguin with some quality links by profiles and penguin will be happy to release your website.
  • If you are still waiting for Penguin to see your website (Maybe in the next refresh penguin may catch your website), you should start this service beforehand and have some quality links.

How does this process work?

All this process is manual and should be executed by Social Media Experts who have vast experience in Social Media networking and Natural Link Building.

Each website is signed/registered on behalf of your brand/company name with the following details:

  • Site Name
  • Brand Name(Users)
  • CEO Name
  • Location
  • Address, Phone, Zip
  • Personal Bio
  • Company Bio
  • Title/Position
  • Descriptions of Company
  • Keywords
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Blog URL
  • Feed URL
  • Company Logo
  • Avatars/Branding
  • Images related to Company
  • Events related to Company

Only signing on these sites will have not much value unless activities are made on the same. So you need to be active or make some of the activities on this website, It may be as follows:

  • Sharing Blog Stories
  • Following other like-minded businesses
  • Following people
  • Giving likes
  • Taking part in the discussion
  • Comments ion related post
  • Submit videos
  • Asking questions and answering questions

Further to make these profiles more popular, they can be submitted in Social Bookmarking sites or linked with each other.

We are very much sure or as we have tested this High Quality Profile Link Building process, you will note traffic increase and keyword ranking increasing for your website.