As we know that few posts have been written on de-indexing of Web directories from Google index after penguin update. Few days ago SubmitShop also published his own views that why Google is not against Directory Submission Services.

Google likes topical web directories and high quality directories, it’s true that over the time, Google index has been filled by 1000’s of low quality web directories which has no real value of end users as well as Search Engines. In most cases, those type of directories are run by same owner made for submission only.

Today, I will try to explain how to identify these low quality web directories so that you know in advance where to submit your website.

Before that, one main question arises that why sites got submitted in these low value directories when projects handled why leading SEO companies or experts. The reason is that many SEO firms, consultants or webmasters outsource directory submission services to small SEO companies or Freelancers to reduce costs who have no idea which directory is low quality and have spam like parameters; these freelancers are only concerned for the completion of projects and hence compromising with quality of submission.

With help of SubmitShop inhouse research department, I will summary following points, with which you can easily track down which directories are spam and low quality.

  1. If most of the directories are in same IP, this can be checked in or any other in-house tools, you can check bulk directories and sort by IP’s
  2. If those directories are using same type of template with only variation of Logo or Color change (Worse case some directories even not bother to change logo also), it shows that directories are run by only one provider.
  3. If all directories are using same software, software can be PHPld, Esyndicate etc
  4. If all the directories have same whois address, keep in mind that Google have more advance technology to track such networks
  5. Same adsense publisher code on all directories.
  6. If they are using same readymade category database on most of web directories.
  7. Check if they are built on dropped domains, these directories can have Page rank but no domain authority.
  8. Check if directories have low authority in Open Site Explorer

Here at SubmitShop, we have separate in-house research team, which check each and every web directory for quality parameters and eliminates low quality web directories on regular basis. So its essential, that when you next time outsource your SEO project, you should take care of these points and make sure that SEO company have such parameters to avoid low quality submissions.