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Directory Submission

How to identify Low quality and Spam Web Directories?

by Mohnesh Kohli • June 14, 2012

As we know that few posts have been written on de-indexing of Web directories from Google index after penguin update. Few days ago SubmitShop also published his own views that why Google is not against Directory Submission Services. Google likes topical web directories and high quality directories, it’s true that over the time, Google index […]

Google is not against Directory Submission Services

by Mohnesh Kohli • May 24, 2012

Recently we read some post on Webmaster World and endorsed by Seroundtable that Google is in process of purging free website directories.It is said that 50% of web directories are de indexed by Google. The post has also got another test by David Harry who prove 16% of free directories are not more in Google […]

Why should you get your website listed in the business directory?

by Mohnesh Kohli • December 1, 2010

Internet has now become the major source of information worldwide. But in order create more traffic for the websites based on business, trade and any concern related sites it is very essential for the websites to be listed on Business directory. The top business directories remain as the best source for advertising online businesses. The […]

Submit Shop New Directories Research Data Goes Public

by Aprajita Kohli • June 16, 2010

I am Jess team leader of directory submitting division of SubmitShop and today happy that our management has taken a bold decision to share daily new web directories data with public. We are a leading directory submitting firm world wide and into directory submission services since 1999. Every day we find new website directories on […]

Need of a Guide to Directory Submitters

by Mohnesh Kohli • December 8, 2009

I am planning to launch a guide for manual directory submitters. What you say about this idea. Will it be helpful for submitters? I I have been working in directory Submission Company since last 9 years and found that when new manual directory submission employee joins he has no knowledge of submitting a web site […]

Niche Directory Listing is important component of SEO strategy

by Mohnesh Kohli • October 4, 2009

Internet web directory listing is best way of getting thematic links but listing in niche directory of your website industry is more important. There are many reasons to it first of all we should understand the meaning of niche directory Niche directory also know as specialized directory can be defined a web directory which is […]