Google Penguin Update held on 24th April 2012 and its further Refresh Know as Google Penguin Update 1.1 has hit the SEO market with over optimization penalty and put the all search engine optimizer, Internet marketers and webmaster in confusion which links are bad and which links are good. Many of webmaster are unable to decide on this issue after review of their link profile at Webmaster tools. We have tested a few hundred websites and have made conclusion that following links are bad and must be removed to get out of Google Penguin Penalty

  • Too much links on same anchor text known as anchor text penalty. If the anchor text is your brand name it does not matter but if they are on your business keyword it must have been affected.  We can say “money” keywords  unbalanced percentage of anchor text.
  • Sitewide mass linking in footer and sidebar on same anchor text.
  • Blogroll links on one anchor text and from nor themed blogs or where blogroll contains links from non relevant sites.
  • Paid text links.
  • Higher percentage of links from poor or low quality websites.
  • Links from High PR blog network built with dropped domains.
  • Too much pages with similar content known as doorway pages
  • Swapping links, spinning articles for networks, spamming forums and blogs
  • Outbound links from your website to spammy websites Also known as ‘ Bad Neighborhood ’
  • Links from low quality article websites with exact match anchor text from exact content article.
  • Links from spam directory network built for spamming the web.
  • Links from non relevant websites.
  • Links by participating in link scheme.
  • Higher percentage of reciprocal links.

If you see your search engine traffic goes down on 24th May 2012 it is sure that you have Google over-optimization penalty. Just make analysis of your link profile in webmaster tool and start removing them. You can do it yourself or take help of link removal or link pruning service company.