The title tag is the most important tag among all your website meta tags. It is a small line that is displayed at top of your browser window. The title tag is the most important tag from a search engine or SEO perspective as it tells what your page is about.

Search engines in their results also show the title, on the basis of which the search user clicks on the results. Here are a few quick checks which you can apply to see with your Title Tag is perfect or not

  • Check the number of characters used is between 65 to 70, including spaces.
  • Check important keywords used at the start of the Title Tag.
  • Check Company name if part of it be used in last of the Title tag.
  • Check you have not used the words e.g., and, if, but, then, etc
  • Check Title tag is descriptive of the content on the page.
  • Check it is not using duplicate keywords.
  • Check it is not just a stuffing of keywords without any meaning.
  • Check you have used the pipes | to separate important (keyword) phrases.

Finally, make your Title tag for humans,s not for search engines. It should be page related, content descriptive, short, and not keyword-stuffed

A title tag is THE MOST IMPORTANT SINGLE TAG in all Meta tags on the page. Do it yourself or take the help of some meta tags optimization service company. You can also use the Meta Tag Analyzer to know more about this. You can read more about factors of on-page optimization.