When a webmaster or website owner launches a new website or page his first desire is to get it listed in Google database as early as possible. There are many Google indexing service available in market offered by SEO company which charge around 50 USD to get your site indexed. Well You can do it for FREE if you follow the following steps:-

  • Log in to Google account and sign up webmaster tool. Add your website and verify the site ownership with any one of method for verification given by Google.
  • Submit your website home page and few internal pages to Google manually at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url/ .
  • Check the robots.txt of your site to ensure that it does not stop Google crawler or bot or spider to come to you site. You can verify it at Robots.txt generator.
  • See the meta tags exits or you can add to your page and it allow INDEX,FOLLOW.
  • Submit or Share your website to Social media network like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Google +.
  • Submit your Rss feed to Feedburner : Feedburner is owned by Google.
  • Now create few links from the news, blogs or information websites relating to your theme which are frequently updated there contents. Google bot visit these kind of sites every day.
  • Last but not least Ping your site to ping services.

We have been daily getting websites listed in Google index by following above steps. You can do it yourself for free. Good Luck