On Page SEO is not the same as it was like 10 years ago, in past if you have observed and did On Page SEO in past, you will have seen that repeating the keywords in title, description, contents, alt tags and title tags produced great results for top 10 positions. But now a days optimizing page for On Page Optimization is completely changed, we will try to find out how much keyword repetition is in acceptable before its consider as SPAM, importance of usability …..We will also try to find out if and when we need to target multiple pages for each keyword terms.

In On page Optimizing, following are the main factors, like Title, description, header and alt tags, topic/theme of the page, use of related keywords, Depth/Value of contents, user experience/behavior towards ( Usability, Design and Quality) and repetition of keywords. If you use your keywords in Title, Description and Page headers, think you have done most of the On Page SEO work as webmaster, but some of other factors are also important like page contents. Let us try to divide these factors

Title/Description/Header Tags = 20% to 25% on Page SEO
Value of Contents (Topic Theme/ Related Keywords) = 20% of On Page SEO
Usability (Design, Quality or Easy to use) = 20%
Use of Main Keyword (Repetition of Keywords) = 35%

Repetition of Keywords (35%) does not mean to use to same keywords again and again, you can use alternative keyword, key phrases etc. Anything more in terms of repetition can be considered as Spam.

How to know if you need separate page for your keywords:
So how to if you need separate page and contents for your keyword. You need to see if your keywords are only variation or they are unique, If unique keywords, you will have to create a separate pages otherwise for variation of keywords, same page produces higher rankings.

Let us try to understand by example: Keyword Variation: If these are like variation

Nokia Phones
Buy Nokia Phones
Cheap Nokia Phones
Nokia Mobiles

Having as given can be done with single page and will product great results

Unique Keywords: Now same thing but if you have separate brands, you can consider having separate pages like

Nokia Phones
Samsung Phones

Having these on separate pages will produce good results. Usability or User behavior:
In on page Optimization, while ranking certain pages, Google also consider, if previous user who visited these pages, what was their reaction on these. Did they leave the page without spending time and again when they searched same terms; they left your page and visited another page. What’s click through rate of your page as compared to others ranking with you or near you, if your user Plus +1 (Liked) or they disliked your page. Google also comes to know via browser behavior or toolbar that how much time was spent on your webpage by visitors. There are many more factors which also consider by this algorithm while ranking results.

So we have found that not only Keyword, but site usability also plays important role in On Page SEO and ranking on your keywords. So next time when you will have On-Page Optimization, try to be in limits of keyword usages and consider other factors of On page also.