We have seen that Google banned Plus One Profile accounts that were using business names or Brand names and only real names were allowed in Plus One profiles. Now we see why Google was doing that. In actuality, Google was planning Business pages for users same as Facebook pages which can be used for anything.

Google today launched Google+ Pages, to give more strength to its social networking platform allowing Businesses, Brands, Shops, Events, Products, etc to create dedicated pages. Every user who has a Plus One profile account can create Google+ pages using the Create A Page link (https://plus.google.com/pages/create).

Google+ Page can be created in any of these five categories

Local Business or Place
Product or Brand
Company, Institution, or Organization
Arts, Entertainment or Sports

Local Business or Place: If you have a local business providing services to local people or pages for Local places. Local pages will include a map of the business’s location and feature its address, phone number, and hours of operation. Please be sure that it’s different from Google Local Search Places because it allows users to engage with and share content and information as well as build relationships and interact directly with customers.

Product or Brand: If you are Brand or have Products, We can have Page for SubmitShop as a brand and separate pages for its products as well.

Company, Institution, or Organization: If you are a service Provider Company like Submitshop or Institution like IIT or Organization like a world health organization.

Arts, Entertainment or Sports: Pages related to Arts, sports or Entertainment etc

Other: Anything which can not be defined in the above categories

How to Create Google+ Page?
Let us create one for Submitshop which will explain better the process of creating Google+ Page

When we open this page https://plus.google.com/pages/create to create a page for Submitshop, it will look like


We have added Brand name as “Submitshop”, Website URL column will allow your user to send more traffic to website, so we added it as https://www.submitshop.com.



In next screen it will ask you to added 10 tags which better describe your business. We can also add Brand logo in this screen

After filling all the details, it will look like this

Posts section will show recently shared posts by you