We have seen that after recent Google Algorithm updates like Panda updates and Vince updates, Google is giving more importance to Brand Names, for example, when we type in Google “handbags” it is showing more results where you can see various brand names related to Jackets. Here at Submitshop Blog, We will try to find out how Google determines if the certain search is related to any brand name and what brand signal Google needs to see while giving importance to certain brand names.

If you will search in Google “handbags” it will show extra results with brand names which can send you extra traffic and sales.

Coach Chanel Gucci Louis Vuitton Prada
eBags Handbag Heaven Debenhams Overstock Macy’s
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How does Google see its brand names?

After reading this post you will be able to find out how to rank on brand names and get extra traffic from Google

  • 1. Google Search Terms and Clicks – The first signal for Google is various search terms and clicks on them from web users. If a user searched for Brand names, it will be surely the first result in Search and if he searched any keyword, it may be the 2nd or 3rd or any other search position he clicked. For example, if a user entered “Submitshop” he surely will click the first result which is Submitshop.com why which Google comes to know that Submitshop is a brand name. If a user is going to search for “SEO Company” he may click on any of the results from the top 10. In Google webmaster tools, we have also seen that “Submitshop” will have higher CTR as compared to “Submit Shop” which also shows that brand names have always higher CTR because many users only come to search certain brand names which produce higher CTR.
  • 2. Anchor Text Linking – Anchor text linking also plays an important part for Google to determine the brand signal. If a certain website is linked with only one or two target keywords, it’s not the brand signal, if it’s linked naturally on various terms related to Brand with variation, Google comes to know that its Brand Name for example If Submitshop is linked with various anchor texts naturally likeSubmitshop.com


    Submit Shop
    Submit shop SEO

  • 3. Social Media Mention – Social media also plays an important part in giving a Signal to Google to make sure if the certain term is the brand name or not, Social media user comes from a wide range of areas and any mention of these social networking websites of your brand names plays an important part for ranking of your website in terms of brand. Also if you have profiles created on all Social Media sites with your brand names, it also helps in Brand signal. For example, having Submitshop mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Plus One, and other social media sites and if Submitshop user names is reserved on all social media sites.
  • Keywords Search Volume: Keywords Search Volume like “Nike shoes” Nike Jackets” also gives Google more signals of Brands, if you will search here https://www.google.com/insights/search/, you can check keyword trend and search volumes. Let us see on https://www.google.com/insights/search/#q=handbags, you will see that its shows as following trends coach handbags 80
    Louis Vuitton handbags 50
    These search volumes help Google to determine brands and display in search terms when we searched for the keyword “Handbags”

    Google also calculates news mentions while giving importance which brand name to display.