Google has removed the + commonly which is commonly used in search results. If you will try to use the + command Google will ignore this. I searched + CEO and good the following instructions from Google

The + operator has been replaced.

To search for an exact word or phrase, use double quotation marks: ceo

Now Google uses the quotation marks operator instead of the + operator. The search function still works but with quotation marks.  Kelly from Google said

We’ve made the ways you can tell Google exactly what you want more consistent by expanding the functionality of the quotation marks operator. In addition to using this operator to search for an exact phrase, you can now add quotation marks around a single word to tell Google to match that word precisely. So, if in the past you would have searched for [magazine +latina], you should now search for [magazine “latina”].

My personal opinion is that now Google + is Google social networking and the + search command will create confusion among users.