Google has a more clear view of Back Links in Webmaster tools, The new feature which is called “Links to your site” in Webmaster Tools  is now updated to show you which domains link the most to your site (Although these links are not accurate)

You will see, The domains linking most to your site, The pages on your site with the most links, Sampling of the anchor text external sites are using when they link to your site.

Who links the most is easy to know and you can easily know if that is good or bad for your website based on links from any website, Clicking the “More >>” link under the “Who links the most” section will take you to a new view that shows a listing of all the domains that link to your site. Each domain in the list can be expanded to display a sample of pages from your site which are linked to that domain.

As per google “You can also see the “Your most linked content” view from the overview page, Each page listed in the “All linked pages” view has an associated “More >>” link which displays all the domains linking to that specific page on your site.”

Each domain listed leads to a report of all the pages from that domain linking to your specific page.

This new feature will attract more webmasters and SEOs towards google webmaster tools and they will have more data to know about possible downfall in ranking or penalty on the website due to any link.