After a long long time, I have seen changes in the Google homepage and results page. Google Home page log is quite bright and the search button and I am Feeling Lucky buttons are also changed. The new page gives a bright look

On the search page, there are now three columns. The New left column is there to make all searches like images, news, blogs, etc, and all can further be sorted on a day, week, or monthly basis.


In an effort to test their own Search Engine – friendliness, Google has released an SEO Report Card, concluding internal research conducted on the homepages of 100 Google Products. The information provided is basic at best, but it does serve as a checklist of what Google officially considers to be SEO best practices. Thi is an interesting development of Google’s love-hate relationship with SEO and it certainly reassures us, in theory at least, that Google not only supports Search Engine Optimization but also encourages its practice amongst its own services. One also has to wonder if this internal research has something to do with Google’s recent troubles in China… Perhaps Google is researching ways to tap into the SERPs of other Search Engines. Whatever the case may be, I personally think Search Engines can benefit immensely from the study of Search Engine Optimization and it’s hard for me to believe that Google has just now figured it out, so this SEO Report Card is most likely either a PR stunt or a sort of encouragement towards the market.