Unique content is being given more weight by Google recently, however, fresh content is liked by google for a long time but in recent months, this topic was most blogged by bloggers and SEO Experts.

As Google is ready to come with Caffeine Algo in which more importance to real-time results from Twitter etc social media is being given which means that bloggers or webmasters have to come with unique fresh content on their web sites with blogs or news to rank well in results.

It may be that very older web content-based websites may go down a little in ranking when Caffeine comes because it will give a little bit more importance to real-time media and news information sites.

So what are really Unique Contents, If you are an expert in your niche area, you can just write on any topic in your niche and blog it on your blog, and with little help from Social Media, you can provide this fresh content to the Search Engine Bots.

A lot is being discussed about Caffeine Algo, but real testing will come when it will be officially launched.

So let us wait how fast is Caffeine results and how much weight is given to Social Media, Fresh content, Site Speed, and Site Structure.