SEO Outsourcing Company offers off-page SEO services to Major or Top SEO in the world. Off-page SEO services involve a lot of processing by human professionals. Therefore it is compulsory for SEO based in the United States, United Kingdom, and European Countries to outsource these services to off-page SEO service providers based in India or other Asian countries to save cost.

When two SEO companies work together on one website, who is responsible for ranking websites in the results of search engines. A search engine ranking depends upon both On-page and Off-page techniques used. So I am of the opinion both are responsible for their area of operations. On-page optimization is done by Major SEO who took the project and deals with the customer. They are responsible for following jobs

1. Assurance of unique contents

2. Keyword research and analysis

3. On-page Optimization like using tags, CSS check, HTML tags, etc

4. Search engine friendly design and URL

5. Website architecture or website inner structure

6. Compilation of Title, Description for directory submissions

7. Keywords for link building, articles, and press release linking

Off-page services providers handle a lot of activities like directory submission, articles submission, Press release distribution and social bookmarking, etc it can be read here in detail.

The Off-Page SEO service providers are basically web processors. Their success can be only measured with the acceptance rate of their submission and the selection of quality websites where they submit. They are responsible for the selection of quality websites/directories/link building sites or social media sites.  Making correct submission, selection of category for submission, use of the proper name and email address, tags, or selection of theme-based site for link building.  If they select the proper sites and do the manual submission in the proper manner they are 100% correct.

Now the Acceptance rate of submission work depends on various ON page factors also as server downtime, the quality or design of the site, the proper selection of keywords in title and description, and above all SEO strategy formulated by Major SEO or Front end SEO Company. What I feel is that the Major ranking factor is SEO strategy and If this is wrong, Off-page SEO cannot do anything. Primarily front end SEO is responsible for the ranking of a website.  Secondarily Off-page SEO Company can be held responsible if their submission process is not correct or the selection of sites is not as per quality guidelines.