I am planning to launch a guide for manual directory submitters. What do you say about this idea? Will it be helpful for submitters? I

I have been working in a directory Submission Company for the last 9 years and found that when a new manual directory submission employee joins he has no knowledge of submitting a website to directories. So they need guidance. I think making a manual for directory submitters or a small directory submission book will help them a lot in learning this concept.

I, therefore, invite the people from the web directory and SEO industry to come forward and support us on this issue.

Here are a few guidelines for submission to directories

  • Only use the high-quality directories for submissions
  • Use 5 to 10 different kinds of titles with various keywords
  • Do not use the important email ids as you may get a lot of emails from directory owners
  • Choose the categories correctly¬† while submitting¬†
  • Also, use 3-4 different descriptions of your website
  • Always go for slow directory submissions
  • Always hire a reputed directory submission agency for better results.