Internet web directory listing is the best way of getting thematic links but listing in the niche directory of your website industry is more important. There are many reasons for it first of all we should understand the meaning of niche directory

A niche directory also known as the specialized directory can be defined as a web directory which is relating to a particular industry or specific markets and geographies. For example, the web hosting directory deals only with web hosting companies, and the UK directory deals with only United Kingdome websites.

Niche or specialized directory submission/listing gives theme based inbound links from its own industry directory which is considered as quality links.

You get quality traffic from these directories as it gives a customer which converts into a sale

The best way of branding or creating an image of your products and services in your niche-specific community. So Go for Niche Directory Submission Services

Finally, I will conclude by saying that general web directory listing is part of SEO strategy but niche directory listing is more beneficial.