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Google Penguin Now Part Of Core Algorithm

Penguin 4.0 is been released and not only that now it will be part of our daily routine.
Google Penguin, which was first launched in 2012 will become part of real time algorithm now on Google announced on its blog. So now Penguin 4.0 is real time granular algorithm. With few changes visible yesterday itself we should be ready to live with Penguin 4.0. […]

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Responsive Design is not enough for lead generation

Why is that even after having mobile responsive design we are lacking the conversion ? Have we thought about the catch, let’s talk about this today. […]

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Verizon Takes On Yahoo

An era in the history of interest is going to end soon. Yahoo is being bought by Verizon for $4.83 billion. This acquisition by Verizon will make its hold more strong in the world of digital media & advertising which the company is trying to build. This will also bring a closure for Yahoo which has been in troubled water for long.


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Change In Google Search Results

A significant change has been made by Google to its search results pages. The length of the titles and descriptions appearing in search have been significantly been increased. […]

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Skills Which Transform Digital Marketing

We have all heard about the new statistics coming up for 2016 digital market and the rise of the digital economy. ‘Perfect’ and we think this is the new start to our great career? No, there is one thing every digital marketer is worried about, the skills. Yes, the skills we need to excel in digital marketing are the main concern.

So lets talk about this.

After speaking to leading digital marketing bloggers and doing some research we could unveil some important tactics which need to be used to build up a good strategy to enter into digital marketing career.


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Google Toolbar PageRank Is Gone

Well so finally the days of Google Toolbar PageRank are done with. It is dead, gone. You will no longer be able to see that green line which had been a guiding lines for many. […]

By |April 16th, 2016|Google|4 Comments

MegriSoft Limited Enters The Jubilee Year


SubmitShop is the Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Venture of MegriSoft Limited

24 Years of hard work, survival, progress, innovation and the journey continues. Today is the landmark day when MegriSoft Limited as an entity completes it 24 years of existence and enters its jubilee year with the aim to reinvent itself so that it […]

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17 Most Important Google Ranking Factors to Focus on in 2016

SEO Ranking Factors 2016

SEO strategy cannot be consistent or same every year. There has been lot of changes happening in search engine industry in last three years , so the SEO strategy cannot be the same as in previous year. There have been significant change in search engine ranking in past one year which are to be adopted in 2016 to get success. Our study has given due consideration to Google’s  one million search results analysed by Backlinko and Eric Van Buskir. Google makes use of more than 200 factors to rank a website and all these factors may not be equally important. Therefore we recommend few important search engine ranking factors to be included in your 2016 SEO strategies.


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How To Pitch Influential Bloggers Effectively

Let’s Pitch Correct !


Tips for Blogger Pitch

While pitching a blogger make sure you don’t harass them. First and the most important step is to make your communication more personalised. Use bloggers name while addressing the mail, don’t make them feel they are just part of automated emails sent by your system. This will create a good impact on the blogger. One can try by reading the complete speech before, if it does sound honest and genuine, it is more likely to be same for the blogger. […]

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Google New Hacked Site Algorithm Affecting 5% Of Queries

Google announced launch of new hacked site algorithm with the aim to help users and webmaster from hacked spam both in websites and Google search results. It is observed that in last few month there is increase in website hacking by spammers affecting most of legitimate sites and used to engage in traffic to low quality and illegal products websites or malware download etc. […]

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