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Confirmed Google Releases 3.0 Penguin

Finally it has been confirmed that Google Penguin 3.0 has been released. No detailed figures have come that how many websites have been hit or how many search results have been effected but all online SEO & Webmaster Forums, Communities and Social Media are flashing live with this latest happening.


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Google Links AdWords Location Extensions to Use Business Account Locations

In an important change to manage your adword account locations extensions faster and easier, Google will now use local extensions stored in your Google Business Account.

So what is changed for you as AdWords account manager, if you are using Google Local Extensions, now you will have to update locations at your “Google My Business Account” […]

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Google Launched “Pigeon” – New Local Search Algorithm

Google, released new local search algorithm aiming to provide relevant and accurate search local results, these results can be noticed in Map search as well as Google web search.


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Matt Says the Most Common SEO Mistake Is Not Having a Website

Today, Matt Cutts published funny video explaining how it is important to have a website for your business. In video, only face and hands are visible of Matt Cutts.


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Google Rolled Out Panda 4.0 Algorithm

Matt Cutts, today announced on Twitter that Google has rolled out Panda 4.0 algorithm impacting ~7.5% of queries which can be noted by regular user while searching.


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Matt Cutts Advice on Buying Previously Owned Domain Names

Today, Matt Cutts released new video explaining what points you need to take care before buying domain. Matt answered a question regarding buying a domain in relation of domain’s past history. Sometimes people end up buying domains which are previously destroyed by spammers using bad techniques.


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Google Penalized PostJoint another Guest Blogging Network

Google again, today penalized another guest blog network known as “PostJoint”, PostJoint claimed in series of blogs posts explaining how it is different from MBG network and does not leave any footprints for Google team to be detected. Matt Cutts confirmed the penalization on twitter […]

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Google+ Added View Counts As A Feature For Personal Profiles

Views counts has been standard feature in most social media sites like we have seen twitter showing view counts for tweets, now Google+ added interesting feature “View Counts” which shows with your profile, this is calculated as total views counts of profile, posts, videos and pictures.


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Do Not Delete Your Old Disavow Links File Before Uploading A New One

Matt Cutts a renowned Google spam team head tweeted a SEO tip on 25th march not to deleted your old disavow links file before you upload the new one.

Quick SEO tip: no need to delete your old disavow links file before uploading a new one. You can just upload the new one.

— Matt Cutts […]

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Google Penalized Large Guest Blogging Network

Google today penalized “MyBlogGuest”, a large guest blogging network being used by publishers for guest blogging. Matt Cutts announced on Twitter without specifically mentioning the name of the network.


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