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Meta Tags Optimization

Our Meta Tag Optimization service will help you for creating a search engine “friendly” website. Meta Tags are HTML code or tags that are used to notify or instruct the search engine on how to “spider” your site and against what phrases.

We know that how much important are title tag and Meta description tag from On Page Optimization point of view. The Meta keyword tag is still having value for some search engines.

If you will see in your web page code, Meta Tag Look Like below and they are usually placed like this

<HEAD> <TITLE>Keyword you want to rank and target</TITLE> <META NAME=”DESCRIPTION” CONTENT=”Your keyword rich but yet user friendly Meta description goes here”> <META NAME=”KEYWORDS” CONTENT=”your keywords, go here, separated by a comma, but not a space”> </HEAD>

So now why you need to optimize Meta Tags? Answer is simple that these are most important things in On Page SEO

  • Choose your target relevant keywords.
  • Creating a title tag using the same keywords.
  • Write the site’s content based on these keywords.

Create a Meta description tag as a marketing sentence, also based on these keywords but still user friendly