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Link Building

Google Penalized PostJoint another Guest Blogging Network

by Mohnesh Kohli • April 19, 2014

Google again, today penalized another guest blog network known as “PostJoint”, PostJoint claimed in series of blogs posts explaining how it is different from MBG network and does not leave any footprints for Google team to be detected. Matt Cutts confirmed the penalization on twitter

Matt Says to Avoid Article Directories for Link Building

by Mohnesh Kohli • January 31, 2014

Matt today, answered question about links from relevant content in article directories, being in SEO, I will say it as rare question if someone ask link building from Article Directories, as long time ago these methods was declared as spammy and un-natural.

Matt Cutts Talks About How To Avoid Penalties From Blog Comments

by Mohnesh Kohli • November 15, 2013

Matt Cutts in his recent video, explained about how to avoid penalties caused by blog comments, the question was about building relevant blog comments from themed blogs, do they still cause penalties or against webmaster guidelines, if built from relevant or topical blogs.

Google’s Matt Cutts Says Not All Link Building Is Bad

by Mohnesh Kohli • July 10, 2013

Replying to a question raised by Eric Enge that link building is illegal now, Google’ Matt Cutts clarified that all link building is not illegal except some link methods like hacking blogs etc.  In an interview with “Eric Enge”, Google want webmasters to change their thinking about how they build links, they need to reverse […]

Linking guidelines updated in Google Link Schemes

by Mohnesh Kohli • October 3, 2012

As per recent post on Google Webmaster Blog, Google has updated long due guidelines for webmasters; SubmitShop team reviewed the OLD vs NEW pages to explain it more easily for our clients and users. On new pages, you will see a video explaining “Webspam Content Violations” which was not part of old guidelines. There are […]

Junk anchor text list for post Panda & Penguin SEO Link Building

by Mohnesh Kohli • August 24, 2012

Panda/Penguin have been a nightmare for webmasters/seo’s from quite some time now. SEO after post Panda/Penguin update is changed a lot and one main factor is Anchor Text distribution. While before it was like concentrating in getting links for specific keywords, and now it’s totally opposite and you should try building your link profile with […]