You’ve tried and tried numerous SEO strategies again. You finally found one that brought you more visitors than ever – I get why you may want to stick with it, but using the same SEO strategy all the time and not adapting it to the current algorithm is what will eventually drop your website lower and lower in the search results.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, explained that in 2010, Google made more than 1 change per day when it came to their algorithms. Imagine that now, when there are significantly more websites, and there are more created every day, they need to update their rules and regulations even more often. That’s why you need to keep up with them and be one step ahead.

I will give you an example. Let’s say your method of using SEO has not failed yet, and you have every right to use it. But one day, Google decides to change their algorithm once again and eliminates your strategy from their list, thus making your website visits drop considerably. You realize, and you start implementing another strategy that works again, but then the next algorithm change happens, and you’re stuck in the same situation again. That’s why you need diversification in your SEO strategy.

The most important rule when doing SEO is that you need to write your content for your audience, for the people that visit your website, and not for the algorithm. You should always keep this in mind before implementing a new strategy so you don’t fall under Google’s radar and have your website removed from the search results. 

In the world of SEO, there are three categories of strategies that Google mentions and why some of them are proffered or not. Black hat, white hat, and grey hat strategies. The black hat is when your SEO is made purely for the algorithms and not for the people. You start putting keywords outside of the website’s visible pages, and you start writing in transparent font or in the same color as the background. These strategies will make Google angry and can eventually ban your site until you fix the problem, as they did with BMW back in 2006. White hat SEO services, on the other hand, are what they want to see more of. White hat strategies are good from a moral point of view, as they use good practice. Your content is written for your audience, and it’s the purest form of organic search. Grey hat strategies are exactly where the name says – in a grey area. They are correct from a legal point of view, they are not using any dark strategies, but they are also making their content purely for the algorithms – exaggerating keywords and linking their website way too many times.

As Google changes its algorithms way too often, diversification of your SEO strategy is the only safe thing to get you to keep your visitors coming frequently. You know your content, and you know your audience; now you just need to start diversifying your strategy, keeping in mind that you’re doing this for the customers as well, not just for the crawlers that will visit and check your site to bring it up in the searches.