Google, today announced in his latest blog post that they are beta testing the automated removal of some hacked manual actions, basically Google want to help webmasters of hacked sites with reconsideration requests.

Google mentioned that in 2015, they seen 180% increase  in number of hacked sites and around 300% increase in reconsider requests for such websites.  To quickly solve this increasing amount, Google is trying to publish blog posts as how sites gets hacked and #NoHacked campaigns already.

As per Google, their team is focusing on improved communication, better tools and continues feedback to decrease these requests, one of such example of improved communication is that when any Google Employee review your website, he leaves feedback note with details and what URL’s needs to be fixed.

Google further mentioned that he received feedback from webmasters and around 15% were still not satisfied with reconsiders process for hacked websites, so to make life easier for webmasters Google is beta testing Automated Removal Process which will automatic determine if your website is clear from hack and remove the manual action so that communication time can be decreased.