Google today warned those webmasters who repeat or violate Google Webmaster Guidelines repeatedly. Google is smart enough to catch those websites that try to remove the penalty by disavowing links or no-following links; after successfully being reconsidered and when a website returns from a penalty, they again make those links follow and remove disavow file from Google Search Console.

Google’s fresh warning to websites against ‘repeated violations’ is a tough stand that can cause these types of sites to have a permanent penalty or make the reconsidering process hard, so if you have recovered from a manual penalty, don’t go back and repeat the same behavior that got you into trouble in the first place!

Here, our team of Submitshop SEO experts advise you against the such practice; you should not try to quickly gain the same backlink which created trouble for you, instead try to build good quality backlinks with blogger outreach, social media, and other white hat SEO methods

Google also discussed the cases of repetitive violation of the guidelines by websites which has already filed reconsideration request. These site owners make the bad links “nofollow” and file the reconsideration request with Google. When the request is accepted, they make those links “dofollow.” Such recurrent infractions could make completing a successful reconsideration procedure more challenging. Further action may be taken against the site, particularly if the recurrent infringement is committed with the obvious purpose to spam.

We advise webmasters to refrain from breaching our Webmaster Guidelines, much alone repeating it, to prevent such circumstances. The Search Quality Team will keep eradicating spam from our search results to safeguard users.

If you still repeat these mistakes, consider yourself tough times ahead for sites.