Google today penalized “MyBlogGuest”, a large guest blogging network being used by publishers for guest blogging. Matt Cutts announced on Twitter without specifically mentioning the name of the network.

However it is not clear if the penalty will be passed further to the publishers, but whoever is involved is sure to have decreased search engine rankings, penalties, and unnatural link notifications. With the start of this large network, Google will be targeting more such networks in the coming time.

Matt Cutts has been warning on Guest Blogging for SEO in past with specific examples of what to do and what to avoid while doing guest blogging.

MyBlogGuest Blogging network (Having approx 73,000 users and around 250+ posts per day) is owned and operated by Ann Smarty, who is associated with one of the SEO Company, he confirmed the same on Twitter

Guest blogging is still natural and white hat method of branding, link building, and increased outreach. Some people used it to spam Google by involving with such blog networks and doing it for SEO purposes. If you do it as per Google guidelines, on hand-picked selected blogs with manual outreach, and publish useful content for readers, you are going to be rewarded for the same.

Author:   Megri Outreach