Matt Cutts, in his latest video clarified that ranking of contents have no direct relation in terms of how easy they are in reading or how much technical contents are, for ranking you need to make sure to include terms or words which end user can search in Google to find your content. However he added that if you want to attract mass audience, content should be easy to read and have the ability to explain what the writer wants to say in his post.


The best way is to read your content loud before publishing, check if you understand what is written, and are you able to teach or make understand others about your contents. Matt says clarity of content matters rather simplicity or technical jargon of contents.

It also depends if your blog or contents are related to particular niche or professional audience like Law or Medical writing which needs technical terms. So it all depends the target group and the type of your audience.

So before you write, make sure what is your audience, to whom you are trying to talk and what you are trying to tell. Write with clarity and natural flow as much as possible, readability helps to attract mass audience, and technical writing will have targeted audience.