In the very first post on the Google Webmaster blog after the New Year, John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst announced enhancements of the “Search Queries” feature with detailed stats of search data and mobile stats. These both will be appearing in the coming days in Google Webmaster Tools under the Search Queries feature.

The new feature will show all the data as compared to before rounded/bucketed. Search queries data will help a webmaster to know more about total searches, impressions, and click received for particular search terms.

Before it was like

After this feature, it will show like

Mobile Stats

Google also added more features for those who have mobile sites and use them as separate URLs from a desktop website such as m.yourdomain.dom. Now Google will display

  • Data from mobile browsers where ever your m. site appeared in search results. For example, if I searched any site on mobile, and your m. domain appeared in the search, it will be shown in this section.
  • Data from mobile browsers where search term results in desktop version and Google automatically redirected to m. the version of your website

Data from mobile searches can help website owners to optimize mobile based sites and more insights about mobile search traffic.