In a recent video, today Matt Cutts explained that Google does not like the idea of stitching content, content stitching basically is to copy the snippets of contents from various sources and re-present it as one piece of content posted on your own website.

Matt said that even if you provide links back to original sources of copied content, even Google does not like those types of content stitching and denied that it can lead rankings in Google search results. Instead of content stitching, it is better to have an overview written yourself which does not seem copied; Matt gave an example of Wikipedia as a Good example about how to summarize contents adding more details for creating your own page from different sources.

As per Matt, simply avoid copying contents from other sources and displaying them within quotes, it does not go to rank or help you to rank in Google search results.

So next time when you try to create content, make sure you do not do content stitching, just try to make it useful and unique adding value to users and readers. If you want to be written by an experts content writer please contact us at Submit Shop