Google today, published a video and slides on Webmaster Central blog giving advice to webmasters for building Multilingual Websites. This is mainly focused on “rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”” attribute, which when used helps Google to serve or retrieve correct language or regional URL.

If you have a website which offers translated or language specific targeted contents to particular language. You can use this attribute in following cases:

  • Template specific CMS, where you change are done automatically in standard parts like Header, Footer, Navigation, while user generated contents area remains same, like for Discussion Forum Software.
  • When you have very small variation in contents, for example serving contents for US and UK languages where very small difference of words like “S” or “Z” etc
  • If you have full translated pages, for example same page for Spain, English or German language

Video also adds useful information about search issues with international sites and details and implementation practices

Author – Megri Outreach