Does Google+ play an important role in increasing organic rankings? Matt Cutts says no, commenting on a highly debated post at Moz blog “Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings”, Matt expressed his views by saying that Social sharing activities like Google+, FB, Twitter, etc do not contribute to increasing search engine rankings.

Not only the Moz author, but also it is common thinking among SEO community that search engines use social sharing and counters as one of the important factors in their search engine ranking algorithms. We have seen blogs using social sharing plug-ins, counters or buttons, and even websites too. Moz also with its “scientific correlation study of ranking factors in 2013” which claims direct relation with Google +1s and higher rankings. In fact, Moz’s post declares it as the 2nd most important factor in search engine rankings after the Page Authority. A few things which we will also agree, with are the fact that posts shared on +1 are indexed very fast, it may be due to the author rank or authorship.

However Matt politely wrote that correlation != causation ( is not equal to), he also referenced past claims from SEOmoz related to Facebook shares. Matt clearly stated that

“If you make compelling content, people will link to it, like it, share it on Facebook, +1 it, etc. But that doesn’t mean that Google is using those signals in our ranking.
Rather than chasing +1s of content, your time is much better spent making great content.”

In other words, high-quality content will automatically get higher sharing or likes instead of trying to manipulate search engine results with an increase in social sharing, so next time, spend time building quality content.