Recently Google has introduced a new feature in Webmaster tool known as Manual Action Viewer to know if there is any manual penalty may be of site-wide matches or partial matches. With this feature the old Reconsideration Request form is gone. Do not worry it is still there in webmaster tool under the heading Manual Actions.

Google has changed the process of filling reconsideration request. You can use the function only if you have any manual actions against your website may be site-wide matches or partial matches. Google has clarified that you cannot file the reconsideration request if your website ranking is down due to algorithm or few bad links.

After the Google penguin update many of the SEO companies were busy in cleaning their client’s website from bad links and filling reconsideration request and getting email from Google that they are not under manual penalty. There were tons of reconsideration request made to Google whether the site is under manual penalty or not. To resolve this situation Google is now allowing reconsideration request only if there were manual actions taken on a site in question.

This action of Google will reduce the amount of review request and they can concentrate more on few reconsideration requests. Now if you will click on Request reconsideration of your site it will first take you to Check your site for manual actions if not you will not see the review request form.

To file reconsideration request first you log into webmaster tool, should have your website added and verified if so, Go to head “search traffic” and then shift to “manual actions” and see if any manual action is there, if so you will see the “request review.” click on this button popup window will open to file request review. You will see:

Tell us how you have addressed the specific issues we have listed, including all relevant information

and also to tick checkbox for statement

I acknowledge that my site does not violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

I am of view if will make better communication of webmasters with Google