Today Matt Cutts released a video on Youtube giving warning against advertorials or paid contents. Is this new video a change in Google policy in terms of dealing with such paid/sponsored contents used to increase the authority or ranking of website in search engine result pages? It may be, we have also seen that recently Google taken action against many UK newspapers for publishing such paid contents in order to manipulate search engine ranking of advertising websites. It seems that Google has just cleared his views more clearly by publishing this video.

Google have been already saying that editorial votes should not be based on money, paid endorsement and content published should be disclosed. We all know that news papers, online publishing magazines and such high popular websites have high authority in Google eyes and if contents/reviews published on these sites have direct links to commercial websites; they are passing high value to those sites, which in turn helps to increase Google rankings. For all such contents Google wants that these all paid link should be marked as rel=nofollow so that they represent clear and conspicuous discclsoers to reader that it is advertising or sponsored stuff.

If you are you not marking such contents as a paid story by labelling it advertisement or sponsored story, you are inviting Google to take action against you in future.

So if you are already publishing sponsored contents, advertorials or paid contents, its time to disclose the same for your readers. Sometimes it happens due to the fact that bloggers/webmasters not aware about Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Now real questions is that by doing this, Google is after paid contents, articles and mainly guest blog posting which gained higher popularity after penguin update and increasing at rapid speed in these days. Now Google wants to know from yourself that if the contents published by you are paid/sponsored or advertisements. Organic guest posting with clear clarification is not bad.

So paid contents are the next thing for webspam team? A lot of discussion is going on Matt Cutts Google Plus page and Twitter.