Title tag is important  HTML tag which exist in all HTML/XHTML documents to describe the content of the page.  Title tag is visible to public only in  web browser’s window tab. Title tag is written above the body tag and therefore not visible on the page. However search engine crawler can see it very well.  Title tag is most important single tag from search engine optimization prospective.  This tag is considered important by On page search engine optimizers.  Search engine gets the idea about the page from the title tag and place it accordingly in search engine results.  You can open the source of the page to see the title tag.  For HTML validation it is a compulsory tag. Title tag is visible at four places.

  • In the  browser toolbar
  • In list of favorites
  • In search engine results
  • In social media sharing

It is not sure that Google will show your title . In some case where Google thinks that this page should have some other title, it may rewrite and produce its own title to your webpage in search engine results.

It is also not easy to make an effective title of your page, as you have only 60-70 character to tell all about your page.  The following thing you must take care while make a title tag of your website homepage and other pages.

  1. Initial letters of all words used in title should be in Capital.
  2. Title should not be less than 30 character.
  3. Title length should be between 60-70 character including blank space.
  4. Start the Title with main keyword ( only once) of your page
  5. Try to use key phrases instead of keywords.
  6. Title should be relevant and descriptive.
  7. Avoid just keywords stuffing in title.
  8. Do not repeat the same keyword or phrase.
  9. Do not use the stop words in Title tag.
  10. Mention the company name or brand at end of title.
  11. Separate your company or brand name with hyphens (-) or pipes (|)
  12. Create compelling title tag keeping in mind both search engines and users experience.
  13. Consider Geo-Targeting for regional or local sites.
  14. Unique title for each page of your website.
  15. Avoid commas, special characters and overuse synonyms.
  16. Write the title after you have finished the writing and optimization work of the page.
  17. Do not copy the exact text from your page  and put it as title.

Title tags has to be effective, readable, relevant, persuasive and descriptive,. Title should be short, start with main keywords, also include company or brand name. Title tag should be created both for user experience and search engine optimization. Meta tag optimization is not complete without this tag.