Google, as we all know likes to share information on few of the subjects which are having interest of Webmasters and SEO’s. Recently Google explained on types of Pure Web Spam and how it is being dealt by Google algorithm.

A new web page is launched by Google where you can see real live examples of pure spam pages; these screen shots are of those which have been removed from Google’s Search Index due to aggressive use of spam tactics like automatically-generated gibberish, cloaking, thin scraping contents from other sites, and intentionally violating Google’s Webmaster Guideline.

Here at SubmitShop, our research team tried to dig it more and reviewed latest screen shots of removed pages. We found that these also include those pages which were using hidden techniques which are not visible to users like Hidden text pages or scrapped product descriptions thin pages created for linking purpose only.

Google also explained other types of Spam where it uses combination of manual review and automatic computer algorithms. Some examples are:

  • Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects:
    Type of spam which delivers or redirects different pages for search engines and actual users.
  • Hacked site (Malware or Hacked):
    Type of spam being generated from hacked sites with malware or by inserting redirect codes. The sites are those which are hacked by poor scripting code or gaining access to passwords of FTP’s.
  • Scrapped OR Thin content with little or no added value:
    Type of spam used to create pages by scrapping contents from other sites or by spinning the low quality contents.
  • Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing:
    A method still being used by some black hat SEO’s with CSS div tags or by colour changing of text to hide it from users, but showing to search engines.

Pure Web Spam is the largest contributor of spam type in Google Index. Many people create pages with little or no content for acquiring links only, and if you see any SEO tools or techniques which assures you to create 1000’s of links within few minutes, you should try to avoid such methods. You should also avoid such SEO Companies which take help of Pure Spam methods to rank your website.

Google latest updated on fighting with link spam in 2021