Google has finally rolled out Google Caffeine in full swing last week and claim to be largest collection of web content ever offered. Google Caffeine is a new system of indexing to determine how the web site or web page should rank on search engine results. Google admits that the main purpose of such changes in indexing method to help the users not the advertisers or the webmaster or web owners.

Google aim is to crawl the web regularly and present the live index to the users rather than few week old data. Google is handling 400million search queries a day. Google staff says that people expectation has changed from last 10 year now the people or users need instant fresh information immediately which can delivered by Google caffeine.

Google Caffeine changes in search results may not be more visible to ordinary users but webmaster or intensive searchers may find the changes immediately and it is going make a lot of affect on the business on line. The companies which are having more than 90% online business may find difficult with these changes.

SEO should understand the Google Caffeine immediately to save there customer from negative effects on ranking. They should make analysis of there customer site from Google Caffeine point of view and should make changes immediately.