Submit shop founded in 1999 by Megri soft Ltd to carry on SEO services and particularly submission to search engine and web directories and also to do link building as part of SEO services.

    • On 19th March 2002 domain was registered and an official website was launched to carry on SEO services. The first website was built in HTML format as at that time there were no popular CRM to build web pages.
    • The idea of creating submit shop comes to mind of Mohnesh Kohli when he was making search engine submission of his first web site
    • The matter was discussed with their existing staff. When we are doing all submission and linking work for our sites for the last 6 months why cannot we sell these services on the Internet?. This is the beginning of services.
    • We started our project with only submission services and launched the first 100 search engine submissions for just 4.95 USD. We went to the first project and did the whole submission manually. So this was the beginning to Submit Shop

    Now In 2021 we have completed 22 years of operations and developed as a Full digital marketing services company with customers around the world. The Submit Shop is working as an outsourcing partner for more than 50 marketing agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, all of Europe, and more.